If you are selected & registerd with Images Agency Models & Actors... you are invited to Hollywood Agent Day

Images Agency Models & Actors invites Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors from the major markets (i.e. Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York) to audition, coach, and search for new faces. This is an exciting opportunity to meet and showcase your talents to the "representatives" in the modeling and acting industry. Images Agency Models & Actors offers this special service to the serious minded who want to take their career in acting/modeling to the next level.

Representatives from Abrams Artists, Unified Management, Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier (AEF), Coast to Coast, Rob D’Avola & Associates, Ford Models, Kazarian Spencer Ruskin & Associates (KSA), Patrick Baca Casting, Trilogy Talent, Hines and Hunt, Harriet Greenspan, Koopman Management, Savage Agency, GEM Entertainment Group, Next, Susan Nathe & Associates, Meyer Management Group, Central Artists, CESD Talent Agency, GVA Talent, Brown Leader Management Group, Trusik Talent Management (TTM), Greene & Associates, BMG, Defining Artists, The Joshua Groupe, Landis Simon Productions, Mavrick Artists Agency, Clear-Talent-Group, GEL Entertainment, JLA Talent, Pipeline MPG, Discover Management, LuberRoklin Entertainment, Dream Talent, Apex Talent, Artistic Endeavors, New Beginnings Entertainment, Artist to Artist (A-T-A), Element Talent Agency, Silver Models/Chelsea Talent, Corsa Agency, Caroline Liem Casting, Media Artists Group, The Brogan Agency, Ty Harman Casting, The House of Representatives; A Talent Agency, Acumen Entertainment Partners, Advanced Management, Hassman Fitzgerald Entertainment, Stagecoach Entertainment, Susan Osser Talent Management, Katrina Cook Katz Kasting, Shepard Smith Authentic Talent, Fran Blain & Associates, Matt Fletcher Talent Works, Mara Santino Luber Roklin Entertainment, KMR Talent, and Snow Entertainment have or will scout at our facility.

If you are currently registered with Images Models & Actors, be sure that we have your current email address on file. We will notify you of upcoming events via email.

Images Agency Models & Actors wants to see you present yourself at your BEST, click on "Dress Code" to see what NOT to wear to auditions.Dress Code

Here's what our scouts from Hollywood to New York are saying about us....

★Jennifer Boyce

I had a great time with Images Agency's talent. I saw so many great kids! Thanks for having me out!

Jennifer Boyce; KMR

★Caroline Liem

The talent at Images Agency came ready to share their performance, take the notes given and play! Images St. Louis prepares their talent so well!

Caroline Liem; Carline Liem Casting

★Nita Brochu

I love my visit to Images St. Louis! I feel so at home and welcomed by both staff, talent and parents. It was a pleasure to work with the very talented actors there and saw so many filled with potential. I especially loved how the talent listened to direction and were able to take it well. After auditioning the talent, I could see that hard work on both the parts of the studio and the talent were well prepared.

Nita Brochu; New Beginnings Entertainment

★Philip Marcus

It was a pleasure, as always to visit Images Agency in St. Louis. The talent is well trained, actors are prepared, excited, and willing to take chances. Talent at Images are eager to try new thing, step out of their comfort zone, and engage in the Improvisation workshop. The staff is committed, caring, friendly to their talent. They want to see them grow into working actors.

Philip Marcus; Clear Talent Group

★Matt Fletcher

Although, it has been several years since I was last here, you ladies never cease to amaze me with your talent. I always love my time in St. Louis and the hospitality. The talent is first rate. Everyone comes ready to work and are always well prepared. I can't wait for all of our success stories. You ladies are simply a class act!

Matt Flecher; Talent Works

★Shepard Smith

I'm always impressed by the caliber of actors I meet at Images Agency. They are always so well trained and prepared. The team makes visiting from Los Angeles comfortable.

I even saw an actor from a past visit that has turned into an even better actor. I'm excited to share her work along with other callbacks to my collegues in L.A.

Shepard Smith;Authentic Talent

★Marilyn R Atlas

It was well worth the wait having seen Images St. Louis talent in LA this past January. I was thrilled & delighted to have the opportunity to see well trained actors. I was also pleased to see how creative and impassioned they are in St. Louis. How fortunate St. Louis to have the opportunity to teach this kind of caliber of talent at Images St. Louis. Kudos to all the great instructors at this facility. Shout out to Sharon and Cindy.

Marilyn; Manager/Producer/Talent & Literary Manager/Co-Author - Dating Your Character

Marilyn R Atlas;Marilyn R. Atlas Management

★Justine Hunt

I had the best time watching and working the talent at Images Agency! they are prepared and very passiante about learning the ins and outs of the entertainment b business. Everyone in the office made me feel welcomed and comfortable. A great experience and I look forward to working with Images St. Louis and their talent in th future.

Justine Hunt; Hines & Hunt

★Raynard Pearson

Fantastic experience!!!! Staff is hard working at training new actors and models in this business of showbusiness. I can count on finding new talent from Images in St. Louis.

Raynard Pearson; Work! Talent

★Glenn Hughes

Thank you for another great opportunity to see and meet your talent. You allow me the chance to see the talent I might not otherwise have. I love that you all care and put education on your priority list and that it is reflected in your talents work and abilities. I look forward in sharing the next success stroy with you.

Glenn Hughes; GEM Entertainment

★Susan Osser

I had such a wonderful time working with your actors at Images Agency. It's clear to see that you take a personal interest in each and every student and are truly dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. As I was working with them, I was impressed at their level of understanding the essentail aspects of perforing in commmercial, scenes, and improv. Your passion and knowledge provides the challenging and inspiring enviroment needed to build a sound foundation. I look forward to my next trip to St. Louis.

Susan Osser; Susan Osser Talent Management